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Heritage Days - the farm municipal of Chey

Curiosity Alexandra - Responsable Communication By Alexandra - Responsable Communication, the 18 September 2014

During Heritage Days, the farm municipal of Chey, in Niort, is use as set to a light show animated by more than 80 extras.
This show, created and staged by Chaleuil Dau Pays Niortais, is entitled "Gabrielle, woman of Chey”. It tells the life of a woman of the countryside, his childhood towards the end of the XIXth century until the mobilization of her husband and his entrance to the Great War. This program obtained the labelling of the hundred-year-old mission.

Interested ? In your schedules then ! Friday, 19 and Saturday, September 20th, 2014, from 9:15 pm till 10:45 pm, on reservation in or by mail. 12 € by adult, 8 € for least than 12 years, free for least than 4 years.

Did you know ? The farm municipal of Chey is a commemorative site between New France and Poitou.
This former farm, dependent on the abbey of St-Liguaire, brought up sheeps and cultivated the vineyard. Moreover, its name derives from "wine storehouse", word of the dialect from Poitou borrowed from the Gallic language indicating a place where are stored wines and brandies in barrels. From 1623 till 1665, it is run by the family Gobeil. Its last owner, Mister Norbert, stops his activity in 1990. Acquired by the City of Niort in 1994, the farm becomes next year the new siege of Chaleuil Dau Pays Niortais (regional group of expression and maintenance of the popular traditions from Poitou). In 2003, this site is classified "Commemorative site between New France and Poitou "…

Gobeil : the "saga" of a family from Poitou

Jean Gobeil, been born in 1627 to St-Liguaire and sharecropper in the farm of Ché, is the son of Pierre, ploughman in the plow, and from Catherine Chaigneau. He is similar of the feudal lord of The Tiffardière. At the age of 27, he marries in Niort Jeanne Guyet, whose father is a blacksmith. They will have four girls. Having discussed for a long time with the family Dabillon about the country of the fur, they decide to leave La Rochelle towards New France. In 1665, Jean Gobeil rents to a middle-class person to Château-Richer, in some km of Quebec, the farm of 5 acres Saut-à-la-Puce, a house and its outbuildings to accommodate it a bull, two oxen, three cows and two calves. Today, Gobeil is the most usual 2nd name in Canada !

Photos credits : Chaleuil Dau Pays  Niortais.


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