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Guided tour of Niort in carriage: the release not to be missed in family during summer holidays!

Family Jennifer - conseillère en séjours By Jennifer - conseillère en séjours, the 07 August 2017

You will cross probably around the city this carriage hitched by two magnificent draft horses. Both impressive companions indulge to trot in the streets of Niort and to take their passengers to the discovery of the history of streets.
We went, Célia and me, to the meeting of the coachmen and Agnès, our guide-speaker, to speak to you about this nice and picturesque walk through the old town. The carriage leaves at 6:30 pm to Port Boinot, on Wednesday, August 9th and Saturdays and Sundays until August 27th. Small bonus: the carriage is covered to take advantage of the visit without being afraid of the rain!
Agnès begins by telling us the activity of the chamoiserie and the glove factory by showing us the locations of factories Boinot, witnesses of the economic activity of the city of the end of the 19th century until the 20th century. Old photos rest his comment and we realize that the city underwent numerous modifications. An exhibition dedicated to the tradition of the chamoiserie and the glove factory of Niort is moreover visible to the museum Bernard d' Agesci until September 17th, 2017.
Our convoy resumes the road in the direction of the symbolic element of the city: the Donjon. Agnès does not miss to indicate the remarkable tree, the hackberry, which is classified and protected in the garden of the prefecture. But the question which taps me … It is the location of the wall of Niort in the Middle Ages. 3 km of fortifications destroyed by the erosion and by time... But where were they?
Agnès explains gladly that these lined the quay of the Prefecture to extend up to the hill Saint André. Our route will borrow then the square of market, the street of the City hall, then the square of the Temple where numerous anecdotes punctuate the path.
Our arrival to the gardens of the Breach arouses the craze of the children and the visitors moved by our two companions with clogs. Protected landscaped space, the square is thus a part of the extramural niortais. Agnès will not miss to count you the legend of the dragon of Niort at the street corner Ricard there.
We take advantage of beautiful bright facades Art nouveau of the 19th century and end our escapade with the quay Cronstadt and the district of the chamoiseurs tanners. We borrow the Old Bridges where we can imagine a drawbridge in the Middle Ages. We cross finally the square of the Port where boats arrived formerly to Niort.
Balance sheet of the visit: a journey of 45 min outstanding beyond the periods which made history of our city for the to discover in a new light!
The inscriptions in the walk in carriage are opened to the Tourist office Niort swamp from Poitou. You will also find Agnès in the city visits: on Mondays for strolls along the Sèvre Niortaise at 6 pm, the discovery of the former center every Tuesday at 6 pm and the "Morning" on Sundays mornings at 10 am. Information and inscriptions in the Tourist office Niort swamp from Poitou or on



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