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Good food, local food: the good resolutions of the comeback!

Experience Célia - assistante en communication By Célia - assistante en communication, the 22 September 2017

September rhyming inevitably with start of the school year and thus with good resolutions, we propose you this week a small tour of the healthy local specialities, to cook for the comeback and to indulge itself while eating well!

The opportunity for us to return a small visit to the leader Alain Galerneau, managing of the restaurant “ The Bark “ to Bessines and recently named finalist of the “ Price Taste and Health craftsmen of the MAAF “ in Paris. Registered a little bit accidentally on this culinary competition the requirements of which mix flavors and nutritional contributions, Alain Galerneau takes his selection as a personal challenge. And we must to be proud of him: the creation which raised him in this finale national stages our regional products “ Saddle of rabbit Rex du Poitou stuffed to the crawfishes and to the sorrel “!

Purebred rabbits Rex du Poitou stemming from a cooperative of local producers, fresh crawfishes fished in the Swamp and the vegetables of accompaniment found in market of Niort. It looks like the specialities of Deux-Sèvres have to envy nothing the big tables of the capital! Would it mean that we can eat local and healthy? No doubt according to the leader Galerneau: the chosen rabbit is soft, delicious and non-greasy; the accompaniment consists of cabbage pak choï, Mediterranean cereal and spices in the virtues antiseptic as the turmeric. In summary, that of the voucher for papillae and health, and easy to reproduce at home!

I already have the mouth water there … We shall not miss to follow closely Alain Galerneau's route on October 23rd in Paris, during finale of the “ Price Taste and Health “ in front of experts' jury. Hopefully the flavors of the Swamp from Poitou convince them as much as us!

By speaking about local flavors, I forgot almost that the autumn is going to be rich in it because it is exactly about the period of harvest of the famous traditional white beans of the Swamp from Poitou. Low-fat and rich in vitamin B, magnesium, fibers and trace elements for an effect guaranteed anti-stress, our ingots deux-sévriens thus are to be consumed without moderation in this period of start of the school year! I invite you to discover a recipe by clicking here.

If as me you wish at the moment to fill up with healthy and local products to begin this new school year of the good foot, the next appointment niortais on the subject will be held September 29th during the Afterwork “ place of the Flavors “ on the square of markets. The occasion for everybody to have a rough time and provide itself in fresh products in a musical atmosphere, for a comeback full of energy!

I do not have more than to wish to you one enjoy your meal






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