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From Niort towards the New World thanks to Teciverdi

Curiosity Alexandra - Responsable Communication By Alexandra - Responsable Communication, the 24 June 2014

Teciverdi, the biennial festival for which we wait patiently, will take place this end of the week from Thursday (from 26 till 29 June). The theme of this year is “Migrations”. This 3rd edition of Teciverdi honours Mathias Enard, a writer and a translator niortais of origin which migrated too to become established in Barcelona and Berlin.

The phenomenon of the migrations is common to the Humanity, to the vegetable, animal kingdom, to the art… We could speak about it for hours… During this festival, we can thus migrate from a stand to the other one, from discoveries to discoveries through Niort.

The program of Teciverdi is rich and tempting ! By looking it, my attention concerned to an original musical entitled conference "From Niort towards the New World". Meeting on Sunday at 4:30 pm, in the gardens of the “Moulin du Roc” under the wisteria to listen to Marguerite Morisson, of the Genealogical circle of Deux-Sèvres, accompanied in Christine Authier's guitar, singer-songwriter “deux-sévrienne”.

Marguerite is fascinated by genealogy and is responsible for genealogical researches and for relations with Quebec. She will tell you the story of all these pioneers who emigrated towards this Promised Land.
You should not forget that Canada, under Louis XIV, was a strategic earth to defend, an earth of missions, a financial basket with the business of skins…

Marguerite is inexhaustible on the subject. At first "The girls of the Roy". First contingent of 60 women left for 1663 of the port of La Rochelle ignoring everything of their future fate : become the founding mothers of Quebec. Marguerite will evoke Catherine Fièbvre's route, the only one niortaise of the contingent not endowed, at the age of 17, who navigated "The Golden eagle" during 3 months. We shall learn that this woman got married 2 months after her arrival to a “vendéen” left a few years earlier and of this union will be born 13 children…

The story of these committed under contract, often craftsmen, ploughmen, from these members of a religious order, from these soldiers will also come who embarked to fight against Iroquois but also of these voluntary migrants (as the family Gobeil which occupied the farm of Chey to Saint-Liguaire) who left for a better life.

Sometimes inconceivable fantastic stories which will make for us travel towards Canada also by listening to the soft voice of Christine. She will interpret us 5 songs of her show "The Pebbles of the Saint Laurent", write after 2 years of life in Quebec.

Then, see you on Sunday ?


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