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Franck Ayroles hands over to you!

Curiosity Alexandra - Responsable Communication By Alexandra - Responsable Communication, the 30 July 2015

I knew the work of the painter for almost 15 years, discovered by chance in the workshop of Graphic encadrement. Intrigued by this painting in which I could tell a story my story. These women, take us by their sweetness, their curvature, their clothes in the brilliant colors.

I also knew the author, in particular his work Mom. Always the feminine universe of course and also the reflection of its life and its family universe. I also knew the man committed for feminine actions (he sponsors and dresses the 4X4 of the team of Ragalizelles which prepares the rally Aïcha des Gazelles). But, especially, I meet the sculptor today.

His universe does not change … Always and still the woman! But, the sculpture allows him to take out the woman of the paint, to go to meet also his public, to submit its work openly and to exchange. He( presents us a model exposed to the cinema CGR of Niort, until August 30th. An unexpected place to expose a model, but it is also its way to bring the art with us all.

His project? A monumental sculpture of 2.10 m approximately. Two sensual women, of profile, sit on a bench and seem to discuss … Then, Franck lets us imagine our own history … We can sit down next to them, comment on them, photograph them …

Franck questions niortais about this work and his location. On the Breach, close to the cinema, in the heart of gardens? And this committed discussion will allow to find also sponsors to see this attractive project succeeding.

Then, if you want in your turn to meet the artist and to listen to him on this project, meeting on Tuesday, August 25th, at 7 pm, in the CGR. And for the amateurs as me, know that he prepares a next exhibition of paintings in Niort this autumn, but we shall have the opportunity to talk again of it!

One of its sculptures is at present visible within our welcome in Niort, street Brisson.


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