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For the Christmas Eve, I shall be Jedi or princess!

Curiosity Carole-Anne Guilbot - conseillère en séjours By Carole-Anne Guilbot - conseillère en séjours, the 22 December 2015

The Christmas Eve approaches and for me the end of year will make dressed up. But, out of the question to look like a clown! I shall have the original and especially unique suit which nobody will carry.

After some searches, I find myself to the small shopping mall of Brizeaux, in Fabienne Rigaud's shop-workshop, costume designer and ready-to-wear clothing. It has been more than 15 years since this enthusiast, awarded a diploma by arts and crafts, practices in its account.

Her shop, it is a little the Aladdin's cave or all the times and all the characters mix.

Unique models which you can rent for 35 €, whatever is the costume. And become during an evening, the character of your dreams.

There is not much luck that you do not find what you are looking for in the enormous stock which she possesses, but she can also make a custom-made suit which you will rent at the same price. Or still take advantage of her advice personalized to create, according to your tastes, your bridal dress.

Some fittings and hup, I become a beautiful princess in an embroidered, impossible dress that somebody has the same dress as me.

And if you do not have time to pass, a phone call (09-83-99-09-21 or 06-67-85-51-71), explain her your desires and trust her, she never makes a mistake!

" The queen of the needle " can also put her talent in your service for diverse repairs, retouch…

But, Fabienne does not stop there! She has the project to pass on to us her passion and her know-how by giving courts.

And very important, she needs you, budding model, so that her Carnival of Green Venice is next February born. Do not hesitate to contact her.

Good Christmas and new Year holidays!


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