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Find your T-shirts made in 79 at Sergeant Tobogo

Curiosity Morgane - conseillère en séjours By Morgane - conseillère en séjours, the 17 February 2017

Today, I take you at Sergeant's Tobogo's to Olivier Delmas's meeting said "The Duke" in his shop situated in 2 kicks of the Mulberry tree in Niort, in front of store The Suitcase in the ideas.
The Duke presents us his activity and his creations ORGANIC 100 % which are at least original. Indeed, if you looked for T-shirts "made in Niort" and "made in Deux-Sèvres", you are at the right place!
To know about it a little more, I asked him some questions for you ...

Are you native of the city of Niort?
No, I am from Poitiers. I settled down here since the opening of the shop last September. I work with my sister, we train a team. She, mainly to the shop and I to the design.

What is your main clientele?

Contrary to what we could believe, our clientele is very heterogeneous. Young people and the the least young! Obviously, approximately 50 % of our customers are fascinated of the culture "geek" around movies, series and games.

You summits of T-shirts in the request?
Yes, whether it is for anniversaries or other parties, we can design personalized T-shirts. From the moment we are subjected a drawing, we realize him.

Have you T-shirts on the iconic figures of the city?
We have a T-shirt on the Donjon (see photos), but also five other creations in touch with the city and Deux-Sèvres. All parodied by series, brands of perfume, sporting equipment, etc.

What is your key room?
Your best sale?At the moment we had a lot of success with parodic creations around star Wars's universe.

Have you new projects " made in 79 "?
I am in search of new ideas. We are going to observe at first the success around this range. If it works well, we would try to widen the collection without falling too much in the classic.

You are now Niortais... What is your favorite place?
The hyper-center of Niort. Small shops, terraces of cafés and restaurants in front of markets... It is very pleasant, especially on sunny day.

At the moment, if I cheered up your curiosity and if you wish to get yourselves one or several creations, the shop is opened from Tuesday till Friday, from 2 pm till 7 pm and on Saturdays, from 10 am till 7 pm.
You can pre-order your T-shirts and come to remove them to the shop: phone. 06 51 56 43 19 or e-mail: sergeant
Either command directly on-line and to receive T-shirts at your home:


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