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Experience feedback of a adviser in stays on the way out

Experience Louise - conseillère en séjours By Louise - conseillère en séjours, the 03 February 2017

All good things must come to an end …

Today, it is time for me to take off. And yes, after 3 years of good and faithful service, I leave the team of the Tourist office Niort swamp Poitevin - Valley of Sèvre Niortaise. 
Before leaving, I wanted to share with you this beautiful experience.
It was, if I may say, my first steps in the world of the work and especially a springboard for my future projects. 
Regrets? None! On the other hand, many experiences, skills, the social skills, the know-how and the full memories the head! 

If we leave three years behind, we can say that I arrived with cardboards … My first day, it was the moving of the Tourist office: leave the square of the Breach for our new address: 2 street Brisson, under market of Niort.
Moreover, if you never came to make it a tour and to take some small information, do not
hesitate, my colleagues will indulge to welcome you, I am certain of it. 

After the installation, it's about time for me to learn my new job by Adviser in Stays.
Multi-purpose, curious, dynamic, rigorous and to like the contact with the clientele, the criteria very important for this post. 
To take some pleasure to promote our territory and to give satisfaction to all our customers and tourists, it is the purpose. 
Then, you have wings. And yes, it is necessary of the preparation to be able to be at the top in front of you! Between the mail, the calls, the management of the documentation, the box office, the shows, the special event managements and that's not all!
I can tell you that we are not bored.

I am not going to lie to you, at the beginning I wondered if I was going to manage to assimilate everything, I was frantic …
But, I was lucky enough to have a team and a hierarchy very teacher who allowed me to give way to me within the company. Then, the panic was fast forgotten to give way to the professionalism.

I was able to take advantage of numerous internal and external formations, between beautiful guided hikes, the discovery of the flora and fauna and the history of the territory. I even had the right to my diploma of the exceptionally gifted coypu. I was also able to participate in formations of reception excellence, of computing (Box office) …

But, so many fighting spirit to have my licence! To be mobile, it is important, especially to move in our various receptions of Arçais, Coulon and Niort.

If I ask myself the good questions, it would be:

What I most appreciated in the job by Adviser in Stays?
- The relation with the customer, the fact of informing him, of tempting him to discover our territory.

What I would hold of these three years?
- Evolution so professional as personal, learning throughout my experience and throughout very beautiful meetings.

What are my projects at the moment?
- Evolve in the field of the interpersonal skills which I arrest with always so much pleasure and of desire.

A last word: 
THANK YOU, one thank you to all the team of the Tourist office Niort swamp Poitevin - Valley of Sèvre Niortaise!

Louise Madier


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