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Everything is normal in Niort... Or not!

Curiosity Eva - Webmaster By Eva - Webmaster, the 05 February 2016

Have not you ever seen strange things when you walked in the street? Things which made you laugh and that you photographed to keep them in memory? Know that you are not / the only one to make it, and that thanks to David Massot and Céline Jaulin, you can share your photo with a whole community … We explain to you!

" It is normal in … "
David Massot and Céline Jaulin are two students in SUP' TG in Niort, the one in negotiation customer relationship and the other one in management of the commercial units. These two companions, 22 and 19 years old, dashed into a delirious adventure, by thinking nevertheless that it was not going to walk. This adventure is called " It is normal in ". But what is that?! Have not you ever seen, in particular on the social networks, pages being called " it is normal in " followed by a city name? This principle especially developed on the well known social network: Facebook. And very here, it is the same thing, but declined on … Niort!

The principle
But then, you go to tell me, what is the principle? David and Céline created a Facebook page " it is normal in Niort ". From this moment, an important community formed around this page, in particular thanks to premises. They are among 14 965 fans to this day.
The purpose being to post clichés which we take in Niort and its surroundings. Photos must be surprising, absurd and funny obviously! We can observe for example on the page Facebook a police van surprised in the drive of a famous chain of fast food either a bumper drying on a fence or worse a sir having a walk stark naked in the city center of Niort. It has enough to double up with laughter there!

How to propose his/her clichés?

It is enough to connect to you to your account Facebook and to look for the page " It is normal in Niort ". Once on the page, you will have to propose in private your / your photo (s) to David and Céline so that they validate or not your picture. Know that your photo will not automatically be published, because she must be unique and make the buzz! It is possible that sometimes nothing is published during a little while, because the administrators wait for the " rare pearls ", for THE cliché completely offbeat!

Are all eyes to capture a delirious moment!


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