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Evaille ? What is this strange word ?

Curiosity Julien - Animateur web By Julien - Animateur web, the 07 January 2014

Current rains brought river levels. Waterways of the Marais poitevin did not escape the rule. Water is quietly out of bed to flood the “Marais Mouillé”, especially  around Vanneau-Irleau. Here , flooding is called "évaille" (some also write "évaie" or "évaïe") by “Maraîchins”.

I can only advise you to go to Vanneau-Irleau to observe this natural phenomenon. Water out of sight. Parcels, roads, are completely covered. We want to take a boat and go on an adventure !

Unlike many floods, the “évaille” is not perceived as a catastrophe. The water just takes the place that was hers before that Man landscape the Marais poitevin.

The “maraîchins” say the Marais "breathes" !

Photo credits : Parc interrégional du Marais Poitevin


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