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Eno, a niortaise company

Curiosity Alexandra - Responsable Communication By Alexandra - Responsable Communication, the 17 June 2015

It is true that the rainy weather report of these last days led to forget to us that the summer is coming. And for me summer rhyme with… plancha !

Did you know that in 10 min from gardens of the Brèche is, nested at the bottom of a street, a company in the unique and hundred-year-old know-how! I take you to make for it a tour… to the oven !

The story begins at the beginning of XXth century. The Haineaux foundry is created in the Ardennes to become established in 1916 in Niort and takes the name of Eno in 1928.

Originally, Eno makes cooking appliances for pleasure boats. Leader since 2006 in the water sport, Eno is today THE reference of Planchas top of the range.

The Eno company in 2015, it is hundred employees, highly qualified, that enamel, cut and assemble in Niort. Its know-how, in particular at the level of the enamelling, was recognized by the obtaining in 2011 of the label of state "Entreprise du Patrimoine vivant”. It is also a company worried about its impact on the environment. To produce locally, less with difficulty with a new automated tool and durably, with recyclable materials, are a part of its priorities.

Let us return to our plancha. For those who do not know the cooking a la plancha, a first initiation is imperative on June 20th by a cooking class at Mister Bricolage (on registration).

You will also have multiple opportunities to taste it at this end of June. In Halls of Niort (20 and 27), to the Grocer's shop (20 and 21 on the occasion of the music festival) and 23 for the Apéritifs of Tuesday.

Around the local products, in apéritif, of inspiration bodega with Basque recipes or in version sandwich… Enjoy your meal !


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