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“Du coq à l’âne”, the craft soap factory of the Marais poitevin

Experience MamzellGwen - Blogueuse By MamzellGwen - Blogueuse, the 28 August 2014

Who says Deux-Sèvres, says donkey of Poitou ! On beautiful Sunday of summer, I decided to travel about fifteen kilometers which separate Niort of Saint-Georges-de-Rex. I had seen that there was an “asinerie” coupled with a nicely entitled craft soap factory : "Du coq à l’âne".

The farm shelters numerous animals but especially about twenty donkeys of Poitou (the oldest race of France). With their little grated and not very clean aspect, this race of donkey is rather touching. Donkeys cavort in big spaces, have trees to put itself in the shade and communicate (often and very hardly) between them. Because it is well known that donkeys do not like the solitude and need to see and to hear other animals not to depress !

The Donkey of Poitou is a particular race which has for characteristic to have the long hair. In spring, donkeys can lose (or not) their coat, what gives them this little strewed and little pleasant aspect. To protect itself of the heat and the mosquito bites, this member of the horse family rolls itself in the dust, what contributes to create natural dreadlocks. Finally, we can observe this large-sized donkey in the totally atypical look.

At the end of a stroll in the middle of animals, I went to the craft soap factory and I discovered a beautiful range of natural or perfumed soaps in ass’s milk of the farm. Moreover on every soap there’s the name of the ass the milk of which was used.

In this farm, the welcome is nice and smiling, what spoils nothing !

To visit this asinerie, nothing more simple, the owners will be happy to welcome you with a big smile and to let you roam in the middle of donkeys (behind fences) or do a baptism of donkey. The whole is proposed in any small price.

For my part, I already went there twice and I shall still return to it undoubtedly !

Photos credits : MamzellGwen, Du coq à l'âne.


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