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Do you wanna shout ?

Curiosity Julien - Animateur web By Julien - Animateur web, the 30 January 2014

An auction in Niort ? No, I 'm not crazy. I'm not talking about the place where the catch of the day is sold but the auction of reading information to the public. Yes, it is this auction here it is. One that was used in the Middle Ages to announce royal decrees or urban bans. In Niort , auctions like we know them today were revived in 2012 by Claudio, writer, actor and public crier. A dozen amateur criers accompanied Claudio and revived this old practice. It now takes place every 1st Saturday of each month (it is rumored that earlier rate is forecast, see agenda) from 10:30 to 12:30 in front of the Halles. See you Saturday, February 1st to attend the reading aloud of citizens messages. A real show !

The association "Citizens Criers" was created in December 2012. It includes thirty members who pay 10 € the year. The association aims to develop and promote civic and participatory public auction. Here, no royal ordinances or municipal bans but messages written by residents, passers, traders... Everyone can try ! Training courses for public auction have been organized in 2013.

And everyone is invited to leave a message in the postbox before “Librairie des Halles”, on the Facebook page "Citizens Criers" or by email. Speech is free, but beware, the calls to violence, defamation, etc., are not allowed. On the contrary, to submit ideas to elected people (elections approach), want ads, birthday wish, love declarations to your sweetheart (it's almost Valentine's Day !)... are among the most shouted messages. The auction is written most often following a theme, the news...

So Saturday, why not come and listen Nico, Christian and Joseph give voice ? And why not have a voice in leaving a little message ?

Photo credits : Association "Citizens Criers"


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