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Discovery of the Plain of Courance

Curiosity By , the 22 January 2015

After the Valley of Sèvre niortaise, we leave for our 2nd stage to the discovery of the Plain of Courance. Our team of stay advisors is full, always accompanied with Frédéric, our guide of territory.
The meeting is fixed at 9:30 am, to Beauvoir-sur-Niort. Magalie welcomes us for a breakfast to begin well this beautiful sunny day.

The departure is given. Here we are on the municipality of Foye-Monjault, in the southeast of Niort. We group together in front of the Room Monacalis (village hall, conferences, seminars). There, Frédéric transports us in the XIIIth century, when these plains gave way to immense vineyards. Unfortunately, everything fell over with the crisis of the phylloxera in 1878. To look back on this wine-making past, we transplanted in 1999 the vine "the négrette" which we did not have the opportunity to enjoy… However, you can come to taste it during the "Rendez-vous des vins et du terroir" organized every year, on 2nd Sunday of October.

Then, Frédéric invites us to discover the huts of vineyards called "canteens", by means of an index map of hike entitled " The round of canteens" which you can get yourselves in the reception of the Tourist office.

After this pleasant walk, we pursue our trip in the direction of Thorigny-sur-le-Mignon, the smallest municipality of the Conurbation of Niortais.
We find the Farm Giraud, municipal holiday cottage and old farm fitted out in border of river. This holiday cottage consists of 4 dormitories which can welcome 30 people and of a banqueting hall of 80 people.
The night-markets of this attractive municipality which take place the summer gather together a large number of people. Craftsmen and local producers suggest traditional flavors tasting on their stands and diverse animations.

It is time now to take back the road towards the Domain of Péré to Prissé-la-Charrière. We discover a magnificent surroundings. For a few days in June and in October, a large number of people meet during the "Fête des Plantes et du Jardin" in a rural atmosphere. This one proposes you a multiple choice of colors and varieties exposed in the gardens of the castle. Numerous animations wait for you there. Do not hesitate to go there !

To enclose our morning, we make a stop to the church Saint-Eutrope, in Beauvoir-sur-Niort, dating the XIIth century. Of Romanic style, it is dedicated to saint Eutrope, first bishop of Saintes. We can see very attractive stained-glass windows as well as an admirable bedhead there. It is situated on a secondary way of the Path of Santiago de Compostela. The pilgrims arriving of Parthenay borrowed it to get back "Via Turonensis", main way of Tours.
It is time to eat, let us get our strengths back to continue the exploration of the Plain of Courance !

In great shape, we go to the mill of Rimbault, the former commonplace mill recovering until the French Revolution of the seigneury of Rimbault and François Ier's former hunting party !
It is the unique windmill in functioning in the South Deux-Sèvres. Its peculiarity is to be endowed with a tail of putting in the wind called "guivre". This one, formerly activated by a stupid ass, made revolve the roof to direct wings in the direction of the wind.
Today, it is a place of relaxation where we can rent the former house of the miller. You can picnic there, have a walk calmly and admire the panorama. The firework is fired there on July 13th.

To end this beautiful day in beauty, we stop in Zoodyssée, wildlife park situated to Villiers-en-Bois. Great ! It is at the heart of the national forest of Chizé. Michèle Mercier, person in charge of communication, welcomes us very warmly. She explains us the program of breeding and reintroduction of the bustard little bustard and of the mink of Europe in this wildlife park of European wildlife. This park, full of mysteries, proposes strolls in carriage. Naturalists also intervene and give to the public of more ample information onto animals and biodiversity. You can also participate in strolls, supervised by the guides, in a complete biological reserve. In family or between friends, come to discover this park where the respect for the alive is omnipresent !

The day ends, the sun lies down, it's time to go home. We hope to have given you the taste and the desire to visit and to discover the Plain of Courance.
We thank our guide Frédéric for this playful, fascinating and very enriching route.


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