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Discover Niort and the Marais poitevin thanks to its smartphone !

Family Julien - Animateur web By Julien - Animateur web, the 02 January 2015

Continuation of my adventures and my discoveries in the country niortais, with my telephone...

I visit warm in my sofa

You dream to visit Niort and its surroundings without risking to face the cold, the wind, the rain : the Tourist office Niort Marais poitevin made it ! For the first part of its application "In the steps of the legendary builders of Niort and the Marais poitevin ", downloadable free of charge, no need to leave your place of residence. You are well installed in your sofa ? Here we go !

I present you Mélusine, the guard of the valley of Sèvre niortaise, she will speak to you about her place of life like nobody else : its mills, its jacquaire heritage, its castles but also one of the local celebrities : madam de Maintenon. But be careful this character is very whimsical. Attention not to annoy her under punishment which she refuses to give you indications to continue the adventure.

For the smallest, she will know how to return her magic narrative and will take you in a journey in the time of the knights and other Lords in the fortress of Coudray-Salbart.

A virtual visit it's good, a real visit it's better !

After a little of rest, it's time to set off on an adventure in the city of Niort and its history. I activate the geo-localization on my mobile phone (possible also with a tablet) and I am guided from stages to stages.

To open big eyes and to learn, such are the objectives of this playful experience. It is necessary to approach (most of the time) very near monuments in question to answer the riddles. I so discover that Halle of the city have something to do with certain Gargantua, that the Donjon was built under Richard Cœur de Lion, that Notre-Dame of Niort is dedicated to the pilgrims… It is a new opportunity to ally heritage and new technologies in Niort.

Ah ! I was going to forget you will also meet Niorty a small mischievous dragon which likes surprising the passers-by in the corner of streets. A small advice : do not run too fast he can frighten you ! You will go then on the quays of Sèvre niortaise, ideal place to stroll and rest you because the adventure is far from being ended…

Departure for the Green Venice

It left for the third and last stage of my trip. Having been helped by Niorty and Mélusine, two characters with a sturdy character, I leave on the meeting of Cabourne, an old inhabitant of the wet Swamp. He will tell you some legends and wealth in particular in Magné where it will be necessary to you to find a very strange bridge. Then, the time has come to return you in a mysterious chapel lost in the middle of the Swamp then, in the village of La Garrette where houses are provided with rather mysterious elements. A small advice do not let you guide by your GPS, strange waves circulate and it is capable of misleading you…

The terminus is in the village of Coulon. The adults will see a life-size history course and the children the end of a colourful adventure with according to their seriousness, a reward for success there. But I do not tell it to you more, now to play !

This adventure can occupy you a whole day if you decide to realize all the stages in the continuation by taking advantage completely of landscapes. However, it is completely possible to divide this adventure on several days. Everything depends on your desires and of your time. But one thing's for sure, when you will have begun you will have only a single desire : discover it more !

Photo credit : Philippe Wall (bridge of Magné).


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