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Develop the muscle of your love for your father!

Family Alexandra - Responsable Communication By Alexandra - Responsable Communication, the 09 June 2016

Less celebrated than the Mother's Day or grandmothers, the Father's Day sometimes amounts to a present bought at the last minute, even commonplace or tinkered!
Even if the intention is there, this injustice must be repaired, the blazon of the regilt father especially as the contemporary and modern dad biberonne, bland, puts a lot even more and more into household chores …

Did you know?

In the catholic countries, we celebrate the fathers from the Middle Ages in the date of March 19th, day of saint Joseph, being the latter the father of Jesus.
The first not religious Father's Day is created in the United States. After several attempts, it is the holiday established on June 19th, 1910 by Sonora Smart Dodd, girl of war veteran, who knows certain success. The primary school teacher, regretting that there is no day dedicated to the fathers, contrary to the Mother's Day, has the desire to pay tribute to his dad who had raised alone his six children after the disappearance of his wife.

Ideas aim to be, here is: it is present!

Your dad is a fine ghoul? A trip in the Swamp from Poitou is then imperative! To Coulon, the amateurs of authentic chocolates or craft beers are expected to the Embassy of the Cocoa or to the Brewery of the Swamp from Poitou. Emulsez in him the uncontrollable desire for snack! Either satisfy his giant's appetite by offering him a gastronomic lunch in the course of Sèvre Niortaise on the boat-cruise "Collibert II" to Damvix.

If your father has rather the material of a hero, an unbridled soul of a reckless person, invite him to live fully a crazy escape in hot-air balloon, a swallow dive in parachute, a fervent one chases in kart either a vertiginous one travel in trees; an anthology of activities to turn the head him!

Your old man is eternal one romantic one, a nature lover vibrating. What could be softer and restful than a stroll in carriage, a hike at the heart of the Green Venice together with a stupid ass either another a breakaway by small tourist train? Experiences exhilarating the senses!

In the face of this great number of proposals, you are afraid of not being able to alone to make your choice. No panic, the Tourist office is there to advise you, especially as these visits and leisure activities are compiled in his guide box office. Of the custom-made product, the key in hand!

And do not forget that the dads are celebrated on Sunday!


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