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Decoration of Christmas in eco mode, in a zero cost, it is funny and Green!

Family Alexandra - Responsable Communication By Alexandra - Responsable Communication, the 04 December 2015

Bessines fusses to adorn itself with his most beautiful decorations since a few weeks. Final straight: everybody puts the shoulder to the wheel, it is the report which I was able to make on Sunday morning …

Bessinois expressed the desire during the last committees of district to decorate their city differently during the holiday period. The city having signed recently the charter of the sustainable development, the exit the illuminations only the city hall will shine till 23 hours.

The tone is given when we arrive in town. In the face of the city hall, we see a first announcement of a participative flowerbed there everything was got back: pots of yoghurt of the canteen, to make it garlands, former shutters of the municipal holiday cottage, the pallets found on the public road network, the tires, the trays got back to the waste reception center … The city hall supplies utensils and paint … For the rest: it is some elbow grease of bessinois and the whole in the good mood.

We come in family, between neighbors, we also learn to know each other … Guy, the oldest, 86 years, and Arthur, age 6, mix and work together in a shed lent generously. No need of talents of handyman, just man the desire to make and some creative ideas …

Almost ready! Still some efforts to supply because it is necessary to decorate 3 districts of Bessines.

(Chanteloup, centers village, towards the pedestrian progress by arriving of the avenue of La Rochelle), some surprises to be discovered (in particular those of Kamil, 13 years) and the installation will be made with great pomp next Saturday in the presence of all the actors (volunteers, leisure center, associations, parents). The inhabitants are also invited to decorate their outside in this spirit.

Safe that Father Noel will be charmed by this village of the Swamp from Poitou … You too, made a small tour by Bessines and admire!

The committee of district B has its blog:


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