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DD the Donkey of Poitou

Family Jennifer - conseillère en séjours By Jennifer - conseillère en séjours, the 06 October 2017

Since I measure side streets and edges of Sèvre, we speak to me about Dédé the Donkey of Poitou. Then, I look for it everywhere … Dédé!
It adorned that it is a very easily recognizable donkey in its characteristic coat of a little common length and its hairs getting tangled train of big rags. Make no mistake, this one will not be seasoned by a pants as on the île de Ré. Because over there, there is insects and sharp herbs in salterns. " Not here! ", tells me the former.
Then, me, between rags and seasoned donkey, I understand nothing more to Dédé there. It is who Dédé?
I decide to stop in the asinerie " Of the Cock in the Donkey " to Saint-Georges-de-Rex where we welcome me friendly, we speak to me about the origin of the donkey of Poitou, about its race, about its morphology, about its use over the centuries in the rural countryside. We show me even the manufacturing processes of the soap in the ass's milk. I thus pay a great enriching visit, but I do not meet there still Dédé, but I meet Girl the ass, then Queen and the same Rillette which has nothing of a mule because it is a pig you will have guessed it.
I resume my road in the direction of Coulon and I stop in the brewery of the Swamp from Poitou. Thinking to find Dédé there … I realize that people here laugh very hardly and propose me a small very tasty craft beer called "Stubborn person". Ha these maraichins, they seem to laugh well in their swamp and their good mood incites me to continue my small trip.
I continue my path and I find a pilgrim with whom I discuss a good moment and we go back up the Sèvre together to Niort and I speak to him about Dédé. He looks at me amusedly and explains me finally that this Dédé, this donkey for which I look everywhere, is in fact the emblem of Pwatoo Land! It is a mark created by Frédéric Trouvat, founder and on the initiative of the project.
But, why did we invent a mark which would carry as emblem a donkey? In this question, Frédéric Trouvat answers us that we are any native of Poitou. Myself am him and I left my native Poitou to live in other regions in the strong identity. It is true that the Basques, the Bretons, Corsica, they have all a strong feeling of membership in their region. Then, why not us! Convinced of the potential of Poitou, its wealth and diversity, they had the boldness to create this small spark to light the flame of the real pride from Poitou.
This is the way is created the first identity mark from Poitou; an a little bit funny and especially attractive, moved, but well-kept mark, capable of arousing the sympathy and of giving the desire to each to post with pride its affinities from Poitou. "Pwatevin", the truth which will be the most representative will be the donkey of Poitou. And this donkey, it is not any. It is careful, thoughtful, a little as Mosquito the donkey which accompanied this pilgrim whom I met. It is also very brave. Ah that, it is stubborn, it knows what he wants, what does not prevent it from being sociable, loyal and right. Then, as would say Mister Trouvat: " then, pwatevins, of origin or adoption, residents or in exile, because we are all donkeys, DD of Pwatoo will be our banner! ".
Having made stamped its crédential in the Tourist office of Niort-swamp Poitevin and having parked its donkey next to Les Halles, the backgammon finally found the grail: a range of adorable articles with aprons DD of Pwatoo, cloths of cooking, memo pads, stickers … Amused having met me, my pilgrim continued his path with a sticker DD of Pwatoo stuck on the back of his crédential and I turned around in my activities the head in charge of memories.
And, if we ask you one day why for DD the slang, answer just simply that it ate too much grass …


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