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Crazy about Echiré !

Curiosity Chouquette - Conseillère en séjour By Chouquette - Conseillère en séjour, the 23 May 2014

Coudray-Salbart, Mursay, Castle of La Taillée, Castle-Gaillard… with its 3200 inhabitants, the beautiful village of Echiré does not have to be ashamed with its historic patrimony. But today the star, it’s me, its yellow gold.

Top ! Stemming from a unique know-how by the technique of the traditional barattage, I am made in a dairy situated in Deux-Sèvres for 120 years. Heavy from 100 grams to 5 kilograms, we find me in plaques or in clods. Proud of my Protected Label of origin, I am, I am... The Butter of Echiré !

From Paris to London, the big chefs like me. Joël Robuchon cooks me in all the sauces and the princess of Monaco is crazy about me ! I even opened my shop in Tokyo, it is to say to you ! I am wished for hours in the entrance of my shop and delight papilles besides the Atlantic Ocean.

Pastries, cakes, tarts, sauces, they protest me all ! And nevertheless, those who know me well know how to appreciate me in my just value hardly taken out of my clod, spread over some good fresh bread, it is there that I am still the best ! We shall say about me that I smell good the hazelnut and that my creamy dress is irresistible. I even knew how to make me adopt by the Bretons and god knows if the “red hats” have the culture of the butter ! I am going to take advantage of it to deliver you a recipe house which one of my ardent fans, betrothed to a Breton, likes concocting to his hosts. She calls it her special Crumble Chouquette !

But what we need ?

  • A salad bowl,
  • An oven in 180°C,
  • A gradual glass,
  • A dish which goes to the oven in 180°C,
  • Your small hands.

But what do we put inside ?

  • 6 beautiful apples (in Gâtine, there is a lot !),
  • 150 grams of flour (of the mill naturally !),
  • 100 grams of soft brown sugar (bio rather !),
  • 100 grams of myself (1/2 salt rather, it seems that it is the secret of the recipe !) + 1 hazelnut for the frying pan,
  • 1 bag of sugar containing vanilla (you are not obliged to go to Madagascar, the minimarket will make the affair !),
  • Some squares of white chocolate,
  • The pressing juice of an orange (check it is not the season thus a glass of juice that will go).

But how do we do ?

  • 1) We undress apples and we cut them roughly fragments.
  • 2) We make them sunbathe and caramelize with the sugar containing vanilla and a little of myself in a jumper, then we spray them with orange juice.
  • 3) We mix in a bowl the flour, the soft brown sugar, the rest of myself (needs that I am a little softened, it is easier) and we mix, we mold to make a quite sandy dough.
  • 4) We forgot to preheat the oven thus we do it.
  • 5) We arrange apples in the dish and we sprinkle with dough.
  • 6) If we are greedy, and we are, we put some small fragments of white chocolate on the dough.
  • 7) We let cook 15-20 minutes until a delicious smell makes drunk all your senses, not too much otherwise it is not good sign !
  • 8) We are really greedy, of the blow we eat it with a spoon of crème fraiche of Echiré, my cousin, elected Beauty queen World in the category (that it is my ardent fan who says it).
  • 9) Yummy, we feast then we resume it !
  • 10) We are going to walk during an hour along “Sèvre” or to visit Coudray-Salbart to eliminate !

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