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Coulon, an inescapable visit for your eyes!

Curiosity Eva - Webmaster By Eva - Webmaster, the 05 May 2017

I tested for you the guided tour of Coulon proposed on sale to the Tourist Office with our three receptions situated in Niort, Arçais and Coulon. I also take advantage of it to indicate you that Coulon, certified Small City of Character ®, is situated in the part said about the wet swamp.

Thus we all found ourselves in the point of meeting fixed by the Tourist Office. It is Agnès Dupont Brillatz, a guide-speaker, who guided us during this visit through this symbolic village of the Swamp from Poitou.

We began our visit with the place of the church in other words the village of Coulon and more particularly by the church of the Holy Trinity. Reconstructed in the XIth century and of Romanic style, we visited it outside or we were able to admire the bell tower and its staircase, then we went inside. Agnès Brillatz also showed us some photos taken in the 1900s to allow us to imagine what looked like Coulon in past.

Direction now the place of the Custom situated at the edge of Sèvre. It is here that the goods were unloaded and that we perceive the House of the Swamp from Poitou. Formerly, it was the house of the seigneurial tax inspector who still presents sculptures of the XVIth century. We called this building the House of the Custom.

Obviously, the huge dragonfly summit of paper and resin does not go unnoticed on the place and awakens our curiosity. Why is it there? It is Brigitte Belaud, plastic, who realized this insect of more than large-scale two meters. A few years ago, we could again perceive them touching the water, today threatened, it is the symbolic insect of the Swamp from Poitou!

Do not especially hesitate to ask the questions which titillate you, quite the opposite, Agnès is there to answer your questioning.

While following the quay Louis Tardy a small stop stands out in front of the city hall. This building of character had several functions in the course of the centuries. Indeed, this one was previously the house of a solicitor, then a hotel café to become finally the city hall of Coulon.

Thanks to Agnès, we were able to deepen our knowledge on the flora of the Swamp from Poitou. Iris savages and the angelica bring a touch colored in the village of Coulon. It is the hour of the small interrogation on the delicious specialities culinary inhabitants of Poitou? Answer: the famous baked cheesecake with goat cheese, the angelica of course, the maraîchin stuffed (a mixture of cabbage, green vegetables and bacon), the famous traditional white beans of Poitou, the eels of the swamp and many others else, of what to make the mouth water us!

It was a very dynamic visit. Agnès Brillatz likes passing on his knowledge and his knowledge. We can learn there of small anecdotes. It allows to see the wealth of the built and cultural heritage of Coulon.

A visit alive and rich in history which is worth being followed! Every Friday, at 6 pm. 6 € a person and free for least than 12 years. The next one takes place on May 5th. Click here for any information and reservation.




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