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Cooking classes for youngs : WHOOPIE !!!

Family Alexandra - Responsable Communication By Alexandra - Responsable Communication, the 07 April 2014

I love cooking and I am greedy too. A quality or a defect as you like, that I passed on to my sons… Last Saturday, I accompanied Ulysse soon 9 years, which was going to take its first course of pastry, with the chef Benjamin to the restaurant “Le Progrès” in Niort.

The theme of the morning was whoopies, never heard… Now I know and I guarantee you that it is very good !

In fact it is small cakes which look like macaroons, but softer, than we can also decorate what particularly pleases to children !

The class begins at 10 am and 8 participants are on time with their apron.

All the ingredients are ready, weighed in small punnets. Benjamin enumerates the lower jaws which are going to be prepared to furnish these small cakes. We salivate there beforehand !

The first bakery : whooppies chocolate with a lower jaw Nutella. Zoe, Félix an Garance are delighted. The children fuss to make small balls. "You are here to get dirty hands !". They are not asked !

Small cakes go out of the oven, that smells terribly good the chocolate. First stage, to put them by brother and sister : translate to put them by pair according to the aspect and size ! For the side dish in the nutella, the chef lavishs his advice to hold the piping bag : "as if you pressed a lemon, by leaving of the center…" Even the moms have the right to taste !

For the second bakery it will be in the lemon, with a biscuit in the lemon. Charmingly well ! Those even had the right to be decorated with some food golden powder… We hardly had time to notice it so much they were fast savoured…

And as the children worked well and quickly we were entitled to another tour. This time in the caramel…

Benjamin explained how to make a dry caramel, “always in the presence of a parent”, he added ! It did not either miss to give some tricks to clean the pan. There, the moms also appreciated !

At the end of two hours, each left the full stomach, with its small box of whooppies and his day cookbook. And we were divided those who stayed !!!

You salivate there… Here for information… Benjamin organizes "Workshops of the small chefs" all year, opened to the children from 8 to 15 years old, on booking only. The adults are not either forgotten with workshops followed by a meal with the chef. The chef can also move in your kitchen for a minimum of 5 cooks. Do not hesitate to consult his website, the list of workshops is regularly updated.


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