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Chocolate makes the show in Coulon

Experience Julien - Animateur web By Julien - Animateur web, the 21 December 2013

In recent weeks, stores (and sometimes on my colleague’s desk) were full of chocolates. Yum, Christmas isn’t far ! But I noticed that many of these were industrial chocolates and I want some handwork. So I decided to visit the Chocolate Factory "L’Ambassade du Cacao", opened earlier this year in Coulon, in the heart of the Marais poitevin .

"L’Ambassade du Cacao" offers tours of its chocolate factory every afternoon at 15:30 (except 22 and 29 December). The tour price is € 4.50 for adults and € 3 for children under 12 years.

Located on the site of the former Dairy Industry in Coulon, the chocolate factory is near the Brasserie du Marais Poitevin and is easily accessible with ample parking. By entering, I already sniffs good smells of chocolate and let me bring in products for sale. There is many things : lollipops, figurines, chocolates traditional forms, nougatines... I do not buy anything yet, we'll see after the visit.

The tour starts at the time, and go to 1:30 explanations about the history of chocolate, culture, source, transformation. Videos, photographies and exhibition of old materials complete our guide’s explanations. You can also enjoy some "works" performed by Tony Suaud, including a chocolate dress, a giant puzzle... Tony Suaud tells us he also makes marshmallows, ice cream, chocolates flavored angelica, this iconic plant of the Marais Poitevin... The tour ends with a tasting of products. My palate is delighted, good handmade chocolate, that’s awesome ! But it is not finished.

Some children leave the tour group in the fabrication shop to make their own chocolate mold, lucky they are. Christmas tree, lollipop... During 15 minutes, they realize molding chocolate and take them home as a souvenir with the original mold, in order to play at home with their parents. This molding workshop is available from the age of 3 years. And see these children make their own chocolate, I was almost jealous... But I 'm caught up by buying some kits in the shop entrance.

“L’Ambassade du Cacao” has a website ( to know everything about entertainment and events in which it participates. You can also call to reserve the molding workshops 05 49 35 98 94. Tony Suaud also offers courses for adults chocolate... maybe I'll try one of these days.

Photo credits : Parc interrégional du Marais poitevin


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