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Chabichou my scrunchie!

Curiosity Amandine - Etudiante en Communication By Amandine - Etudiante en Communication, the 14 August 2015

We also like discovering the gastronomy of the region which we visit, then follow me! I am going to make you discover one of the specialities cheese makers of the department, made with goat's milk: Chabichou of Poitou. This cheese of conical shape possesses since 1990 the naming AOC (protected designation of origin), the whole to guarantee you a home-made know-how.

As all the cheeses, Chabichou can be appreciated in various stages of evolution. Little refined, it will have a smooth, firm, supple and soft dough; more refined, it will have a strong aroma and its dough is going to become hard even breakable in the long run.

Desire of to know more about it on the manufacturing of the goat cheese and on the specialities of Deux-Sèvres: meeting on La Route des fromages de chèvre et du Chabichou! This tourist route is an association of producers, breeders and cheese makers who will make you discover their job and taste their cheeses.

Having made the mouth water to you, I am going to give you three good addresses near Niort where you can buy at the same time your cheeses and visit the goat shed: the ferme de Clairette to Arçais (point of sale) and Prin-Deyrançon (visit of the goat shed), Les fromages d’Emma (The Emma’s cheeses) to Saint-Hilaire-la-Palud and Les fromages de Sylvie (The Sylvie's cheeses) to Coulonges-sur-l'Autize. If you are of passage on Niort, you will find these last two producers in the daytime of big market on the square of market of Niort.

You can taste Chabichou at the same time in apéritif and at the end of meal. It also constitutes a key ingredient for the recipes, how the one that I am now going to reveal you!

Sandwiches in the ham and in the Chabichou

Express to be made, a beautiful summery recipe to be eaten without moderation …


5 plum tomatoes

2 soup spoons of virgin oil of sunflower

1 Chabichou of Poitou AOC

6 slices of bread

2 peeled cloves of garlic

6 fine slices of ham

3 slices of fresh thyme

2 pinches of flower of salt

2 pinches of pepper

Preparation of the recipe:

Plunge tomatoes 10 seconds into the boiling water then refresh them under the cold water. Peel them, deseed them and cut them in small dice. Put them in a small salad bowl, salt in the flower of salt, pepper and drizzle with olive oil.

Cut Chabichou in young shavings.

Preheat the oven in position steakhouse. Make burn out slices of bread, then rub them of garlic. Put 6 slices of bread on the plate of the oven.

Distribute the tomato, the slices of ham and shavings of Chabichou. Slide the plate under the steakhouse until the cheese bases. At the exit of the oven, strew with fresh thyme and serve hot.

The recipe is pulled of the book "Recettes paysannes des Deux-Sèvres” of André and Claudine Lavialle, published in the publishing "The curious". You find this work on sale in the shop of the Tourist office.

You have only to have a rough time now!


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