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Bees which do not give the bumblebee!

Nature Arthur - webmaster By Arthur - webmaster, the 08 June 2018

Mister Rodrigues and his son are at the head of the Miellerie de Surimeau in Niort today where they raise their bees, collect the honey and market their products.

At first, it is the father, fascinated by bees, who began the breeding as amateur. The increasing passion, he decides to cross qualifications and settles down as beekeeper, there is of that 20 years old!

To the Miellerie de Surimeau, we work all year long. The offer is varied and allows to answer all the demands. You will so find some honey any flowers, of spring, of châtaigner, of lavender, mountains, locust tree, thyme, orange tree and many others else!

In the miellerie, to I am told that the spring harvest has just ended, then will come, afterward, the summer harvest which will begin in the middle of August. In winter, bees hibernate and, meanwhile, the beekeeper maintains the material and already gets ready for the following season.

If you wish to discover closer the work of the beekeeper, visits are possible on request. It is enough to phone to agree on moment, the ideal being for spring.

Finally, honeys of the Miellerie de Surimeau are on on-the-spot sale Wednesdays and Saturdays a the afternoon; in market of Niort, Thursdays, on Saturdays and Sundays mornings; as well as in several businesses of the region.

Miellerie de Surimeau is a member to the network " Welcome to the farm ".

Photo credits: OTNMP et school of Sainte-Ouenne.


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