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Autumnal stroll: paths hidden from Sainte-Pezenne

Nature Célia - assistante en communication By Célia - assistante en communication, the 29 September 2017

The sun of September always gives us desires for rural strolls!

For the opportunity, and if you were taken to discover the paths of Sainte-Pezenne? His shaded paths abound in history and lend themselves gladly to bucolic and peaceful hikes between forest and edge of Sèvre. Follow the guide!

Divided into 3 different circuits ("History and Heritage", "When the nature joins the culture" and "Soared through fields"), it is all in all the route of 7 km that waits for the most adventurous at the heart of the wooded ways of Sainte-Pezenne! Together let us go off to explore his most mysterious hidden recesses which hide from the step of our door …

Meeting in the entrance of the circuit where paths sloping gently which overhang Weans lead her us to the wash house of the Fountain of the Deaths, the former meeting place where the washerwomen beat the linen until the environment of the XIXth century. By going back up the hillside, a discovery of size waits for us, hidden in its stony cocoon: the church "Santa Peccina". His legend goes back to the VIIIth century when a young person moniale Spanish came to die in martyr there, giving his name to the church.

On the way of Surimeau, let us borrow at the moment the footbridge leading to the Mill of Donkey which, before the 1st World war, transformed the wheat in flour for the exporter to the Antilles. Let us attend finally the class of Sèvre Niortaise to discover the Wood of the Touches where, between hazel trees and ash trees, the scents of hyacinths and honeysuckle make drunk us.

We do not say you about it more on the other surprises which hide these paths. And yes, it is already necessary time to leave soft ways decorated with flowers to find the resounding animation of the city! But, no panic, many more routes of hikes are available by clicking here to satisfy the desires for escapades of the most curious!

Good stroll!



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