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“Atemporelle” revive the memory of memorials

Curiosity Frédéric - assistant base de données et TIC By Frédéric - assistant base de données et TIC, the 12 May 2017

While the monument to the Martyrs of the Resistance and to the Soldiers without uniform must to be decorated with flowers by the officials and the history, with a big one H, to extend this remembrance of the memory, Stéphanie Tézière, guide-speaker in “Atemporelle”, proposes you on Sunday a thematic entitled visit "Niort - Memory and monuments" ; An original wandering in the discovery of the memorials of the city - disappeared or forgotten - Such as plate, stele, statue, obelisk ...
Let us hand over at the moment to Stéphanie so that she reveals you a little more.

Stéphanie, can you, in a few words, present us “Atemporelle”?
“Atemporelle” is a cooperative company since January, 2011. Before this date, “Atemporelle” was an association created in 1998 to Parthenay (Deux-Sèvres) with for cultural and social objective to carry quality projects by creating new jobs in the field of the development of the heritage. We are at present a team of six permanent employees-partners and we intervene on all the fields of the study in the animation of the heritage: historic and archaeological studies, inventories, exhibitions, signalling system, educational tools, direct mediation and training! The company obtained the various necessary enjoyments of State to exercise this pallet of activities: producer and diffuser of entertainment, training institution and since 2008, operator in preventive archaeology.

What are your radiuses of action on the territory of the Urban area of Niortais?
Since 2011, we intervened essentially in the field of the expertise and of the advice in particular in the donjon - call back that Marie-Pierre Baudry, manager of “Atemporelle”, is the specialist of castles Plantagenêt - but also in the field of the cultural engineering (artistic creation, at Romanic Night and visits-shows in Niort). For my part, I intervene in Niort since 1998 punctually as relay with the Tourist Office for the reception of the groups. It is at that time as well that I realized a work of inventory of the heritage for the interregional Park of the Swamp from Poitou. Finally, as guide-speaker, I am eager to welcome the school - Various establishments renew their confidence - and to propose a program of visits for the individual in Niort as in the municipalities of the territory.

What are the main "commemorative sites" which you will present on Sunday, during 1:30 am?
We cannot reveal everything ... They are before any my "crushes" While reconciling a homogeneous and coherent route. Among the inescapable: the monument of the Resistance, that dedicated to Jacques de Liniers and the Gloria Victis of the place of Strasbourg.

To incite the desire, you can summarize the history of the most striking disappeared or forgotten monument?
My preferred house the monument of the Resistance, because I am very attached to the architectural production of the XXth century and more particularly to the work of the brothers to Jump Him that I more studied. In 2009, I designed an exhibition and a notebook on this subject. After the Second World War, raises itself the question to pay tribute to the soldiers without uniform. This is the way was born the idea of this monument, rested by Edmond Proust, leader of FFI and temporary regional leader of the secret Army, but also General Secretary of the steering committee of the project. In his letter sent to the mayor of Niort in 1947, he insists on the location of the future monument; it must be visible of all and placed in a very busy place. The City Council gives its agreement for the place Saint Antoine, between both staircases leading of the avenue of the Republic to the street of the Rampart. The monument, financed by war veterans' companies, is inaugurated on November 11th, 1949. It represents a hand - that of the woman of the architect Léon Le Sauter having served as model - enclosing firmly the knob of a sword, in front of a flame. On the base, are registered an extract of the speech of general de Gaulle of October 31st, 1943, and the names of 18 movements, the networks and the scrublands (resistance movements) having fought in the department.

Meeting on Sunday, May 14th, at 3 pm, place of the Brèche,
at the foot of the column Morris.

6 € a person and free for least than 12 years. Without reservation.
More information in or

Photo credit: “Atemporelle”




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