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Arçais, a Small City which has of the Character!

Curiosity Mélanie - animatrice des Petites Cités de Caractère de Nouvelle-Aquitaine By Mélanie - animatrice des Petites Cités de Caractère de Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the 20 January 2017

Having looked at the broadcast " Nightmare in cooking " which took place last Thursday within a restaurant of Arçais, I want to speak to you about this municipality deux-sévrienne situated at the heart of the Swamp from Poitou and which is also a Small City of Character ®. 

Logo of Small Cities of CharacterWhat a Small City of Character ®? It is the mark which values atypical municipalities, at the same time rural by their setting-up, their limited population, and urban by their history and their heritage. These cities, formerly centers often saw their urban functions being reduced after the administrative and industrial revolutions of France. They lost a big part of their urban functions and financial means found themselves without the population and to maintain this inheritance. The municipalities holders of this distinction thus place the heritage at the heart of their municipal development.

In other words, by visiting a Small City of Character ®, you will have the promise to discover a municipality rich in a heritage of urban type, a place of life, culture, history but also a contemporary and livened up city. 

Arçais, which detains this famous sesame since 2013, is a city in the report favored to the water: we list more than 40 kilometers of rivers, conches and ditches on which boats can circulate! You should not miss the port, reflection of commercial past formerly very active. Arçais is also a land of welcome for the creative craftsmen: engraver on glass, potter, painter will indulge to pass on their passion! 

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