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Angelica detox tea

Curiosity Séverine - Conseillère en séjour et animatrice réseau des partenaires By Séverine - Conseillère en séjour et animatrice réseau des partenaires, the 05 January 2018

"To assemble tea is an art, to enjoy it ..." The end of year celebrations are over, the feasts are tasted. It is said that "a good meal softens the spirit and regenerates the body. From its abundance flows a warm benevolence. "

Why not make a little detox cure in January to start the year 2018 healthily?

So I go to "L'Epicerie" of Niort, at Vanessa Brard, who warmly welcomes me to talk about her angelic detox tea, ideal recipe after holidays.

"The angelica tea was created in 2007 for the Carrefour des Métiers de Bouche" explained Vanessa, which brings together all the professionals of the food trades: cooks, restaurateurs, coffee makers, hoteliers, butchers, delicatessens, fishmongers, bakers, pastry chefs, confectioners, chocolatiers, ice cream parlors, sommeliers, wine merchants, grocers.

Vanessa does not create, she assembles the different raw materials to compose her angelica detox tea recipe. The proportions are obviously kept secret.
Boil water to 185° F. At the time of service, a few tips: 1 teaspoon per cup. Let infuse 4 to 5 min. For the greediest, a little lemony sweetness will perfectly accompany the hot drink at tea time.
Packaging side: a metal box or a paper bag will be ideal, all that is tea is protected from moisture, light and dry, to maintain the taste of flavors.

Angelica green tea, apple, honey, peppermint

Side benefits natural: It promotes digestion, perfect for the hearty meals after the holidays, it cleans the digestive system and brings tone!
Side aromas: mint reinforces the peppery character of angelica.The tea draining naturally, it will bring you digestive and tonic virtues for your well-being.

Preparation material

1 filter, 1 hourglass, a spoon and a cup ... and you're done!

It only remains to infuse 4 to 5 minutes, a little patience... the nose begins to smell aromas, it is finally ready to be tasted!

At Vanessa Brard's shop, the tea is tasted but also feels.
"Watch, smell, taste," because education goes through the taste and this from childhood... Good tasting!

At "L'Epicerie", you will find 3 tea houses, about 120 references in QuintEssence du thé, Compagnie Coloniale and Damman Frères. The ranges of tea vary and it is possible to find at the grocery teas qualities from 6.50 € per 100 grams.

Other examples of detox teas available at "L'Epicerie"

  • "Miss Dammann" made from green tea leaves from China. Composition: ginger, lemon and passion fruit. From 6.50 € the 100 grams
  • Organic green tea Sencha from Japan. From 13 € the 100 grams. Superior quality, high-end tea, grand cru

After the tasting, I leave with my little tea bag (Price 6.50 € 100 grams) Amateurs, passionate or initiated, visit 6 place du temple.


> L'EPICERIE founded in 2002


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