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And if you tested one of our fixed packages?

Nature Eva - Webmaster By Eva - Webmaster, the 05 August 2016

The Wealth hidden from the Swamp or how to discover the village of Amuré on foot and in boat.

Wednesday was brightened up, I tested for you a wonderful stroll in the wet Swamp of Amuré. It is one of fixed packages classified in the category " The unusual visits " that the Tourist office proposes in its box office among so many others. If afterward you wish to try yourself this day, do not hesitate to make on the web site, the tab brochures either in the receptions of Niort, Arçais, Coulon and Saint-Hilaire-la-Palud.

To begin this trip, we all joined on the parking lot of the city hall and we met Amaury, natural presenter of the House of the Swamp from Poitou. From there, we had to follow a small narrow path to begin our adventure. Amaury is a natural enthusiast and you can see it. Through this stroll of 2 hours on foot and 1:30 hours around boat, he passed on to us a part of his knowledge, with a lot of passion.

The first stage of our discovery is the "girl" gone hiking a duration of approximately 2 hours (with frequent stops, no panic!). Throughout this one, Amaury explained us the history of the Swamp from Poitou with its plentiful fauna and its flora. Every time he could, he captured a small butterfly, a frog or a spider to explain to us about which species it was (by taking care of releasing them afterward). We also met there of beautiful maraîchine cow and far off, in the foliages, a roe deer which hid. Amaury had more than one trick up his sleeve, he had taken the care of taking with him some objects as a skull of coypu, crowbars of crawfish to show us a maximum of thing of this beautiful nature that is the Swamp.

For the 2nd part of this bare stroll, we embarked on 3 boats (group of 12 people) to return to the starting point. On the path, we met holes of coypu, ash trees-tadpoles with quirky forms, young ladies (dragonflies) there … We were rocked along with the current, according to the anecdotes of Amaury.

During our arrival to the port of Amuré, we took a snack all together to close this beautiful afternoon, around the good local products of the territory: fresh bread, jam of angelica … It is a warm and friendly moment. A good idea to end the visit in beauty!


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