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Along the Waterway - The Green Venice

Nature MamzellGwen - Blogueuse By MamzellGwen - Blogueuse, the 01 July 2014

The advantage when we settle down in a region which we do not know, it is that the discovery is total and the delight always in produce you ! This is the way I took advantage of one of the bank holidays of May to go for a joyride in the “Marais poitevin” and discover what we call Green Venice.

Direction Coulon, Capital of the wet swamp in some kilometers hardly by Niort. The charming small village arranges several landing stages along Sèvre Niortaise. The choice is vast : black, green or orange boats ! Once seated in the boat, we were allowed embarked by the guide. He knows the swamp as his pocket and the labyrinth of canals does not frighten him !

Around us, tens of hectares of greenery covered by canals dug formerly by the monks to be able to have spaces dedicated to the culture of the traditional white bean. Today, the bean left its place with pastures for the cattle breeding with meat. On the banks of funny trees without branches but in the powerful roots : ash trees tadpoles the systematic pruning of branches of which allows roots developed well to hold banks. On these, a green flora and among all the herbs : the comfrey (which owes its name to the properties of care which are granted to it - healing and strengthening of bones) and the fountain in birds (which leaves serve as reservoir for the small fowls).

At this spring end, I really liked this hour of bucolic stroll to discover the swamp and appreciate the peace and the poetry which get free of it.

Photo credits : MamzellGwen


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