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A stopover on the Ile d'Aix since La Rochelle with approach to the Fort Boyard

Family Angélina - conseillère en séjours By Angélina - conseillère en séjours, the 26 April 2019

To go to the Ile d'Aix since Niort, it can be a surprise! And nevertheless, it is enough to you to book your cruise to the Tourist office Niort-swamp Poitevin.

Within one hour from Niort, here we are in the city center of La Rochelle. On the spot, we appear at the welcome of Cruises Inter-islands, ideally situated on the Old harbor. Several circuits had been proposed to us to the Tourist Office: one of two hours with a commented approach to Fort Boyard, the second with a stopover on the Ile d'Aix in the half-day and the third a whole day on the Ile d'Aix. Schedules are varied. We decided to leave for the half-day a lunch on the Old harbor.

The beginning of the cruise looks magnificent with a magnificent view of La Rochelle since the port: its tours, its coffees/restaurants, its beach and its immense marina take shape little by little. Whereas La Rochelle goes away, the clear sky this day allows us to glimpse far off the Fort Boyard, the strategic place for the protection of the estuary of the Charente, the natural harbour of the Ile d'Aix and the arsenal of Rochefort. The biggest speak about a gigantic fortress, whereas the youngest remember themselves of the famous television quiz show. All agree to say that we are lucky to see him very closely. The captain of the boat approaches there, but as for the other ships, it is not possible to stop there, because the access to the fort is forbidden to the public. Too bad, to see him of his own eyes is already worth seeing! After 1:15 am of crossing, we arrive on the Ile d'Aix.

Here, no car, we move by bicycle or on foot and even in carriage. He reigns a certain tranquillity which we are anxious to respect. Of numerous marked out ways shall allow you to measure 3 km long and 300 m. of wide of the island. She is very representative of the coast Charentais. Concerning the North and the south side, his coast is made of rocky cliffs, whereas on the West and in the East, we find sandy beaches, the whole punctuated by numerous fortifications (fort, batteries and bulwarks) there. Girl by her size, the island is nevertheless in charge of history. Sometimes seat of a monastic community, sometimes a major component of the arsenal of Rochefort or still island of Napoleon Ier's holiday resort.

In summary, the discovery of the island can be made during the day that you are rather idleness in the beach, keen on history or on strolls, there is for all the tastes! On the spot, you will find numerous businesses, restaurants, clothing stores, memories or crafts there.

Then, having crossed a few days to measure some 4000 km of leaks of the Swamp from Poitou, why not to let try you by a stopover on the Ile d'Aix! To book, meeting in one of our three Tourist Offices: Niort, Coulon and Arçais.

Tip: Remember to withdraw money before going to the island, because even if the shops accept the payment by credit card, there is no ATM on site.


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