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A playful and innovative discovery of Niort and its surroundings

Family Julien - Animateur web By Julien - Animateur web, the 31 December 2014

The application "Piste and Trésor", for smartphone and tablet, proposes the game "In the steps of the legendary builders of Niort and the Marais poitevin " to visit the region, by amusing children and adults.

In this December 2014, I decide to test this application proposed by Furet Company and downloadable free of charge on Google Play and App Store. I thus download it on my smartphone. After a first part which can come true quietly in my sofa, I leave by chance facing the cold. To the program, a discovery of the heritage under an unpublished angle with the help of Mélusine, Niorty and Cabourne : small colourful characters who reveal us secrets and legends on the architectural and natural heritage of the region.

All along the route, you will have to solve riddles under various forms which go of the puzzle to the words mixed via a diligent observation of the landscape to answer questions with multiple choices. By activating the geo-localization of your device you can go easily of a point of interest to the other one : Halle, the Donjon, the City hall, the Chapel St Roch, the gardens of the Brèche for Niort but also the fortress of Coudray-Salbart, La Garette or Coulon for the Marais poitevin.

In the course of the various stages, you will capitalize ecus (sorts of points) which will allow you to obtain a reward by making you to the reception of the Tourist office Niort Marais poitevin. But hush, I do not tell it to you more, to you to play now !


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