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A not commonplace visit!

Family Angélina - conseillère en séjours By Angélina - conseillère en séjours, the 25 May 2018

With Althéa, we went to visit the asinerie and the soap factory "Du Coq à l' Ane" to Saint-Georges-de-Rex. It was the opportunity to see what hides behind this schemer naming "From the cock to Ane" which pulled often a smile on behalf of the visitors.

From our arrival on the site, I understand that it is not only a farm with donkeys. Very close to the welcome of the site, a former barn maraîchine is reconverted to guest houses since about fifteen years. It was, at first, their first activity. 4 rooms 1onto directly to the 7 hectares of ground where is the farm: assured relaxed and family atmosphere! For the evening adventurers, there is also a real Canadian tent any comfort, as well as a yurt in warm colors, which allow to sleep in the heart of nature near animals. Thus there is for all the tastes!

Having made the tour of the accommodations, Christelle, owner of the place, puts back us the pad of the adventurer. It is a hunting in treasures for small and big in which we follow the adventures of the donkey Pétro. The purpose being to roam through the farm to discover the various races of donkeys, in particular the Donkey of Poitou which makes the pride of the territory. We also find there other races of woolly naked animals as the pig Mangalica or the cow Highland and even the farmyard with, among others, the hen in green eggs! We meet also children with hogback there because an initiation is proposed to them.

The route is punctuated with small games of height-air for the children: of the chamboul'tout in the peach in ducks, as well as a sensory route "barefoot".

You can observe the daily draft of the asses which is still made in the hand. But attention, on the 6 liters of milk which she can produce, only 1.5 even 2 liters are collected, the rest being booked for the ass's foal. Thus it is necessary to be all eyes on the schedules of drafts shown in the entrance.

Key activity on the site, it is the Hike donkey. A hike accompanied by a stupid ass. His saddle, which bears the name of pack saddle, is there to carry loads such as your picnic or your luggage. Several marked out circuits are possible to leave in the half-day or the whole day.

Finally, besides being donkey-drivers breeders and récoltants, since 2008, our hosts are also manufacturers of soap. In the former blacksmith's trade of the village, they installed their soap factory. They exploit the qualities of the fresh and raw milk of ass which lacks fats. The composition gives to the soap of the soothing, nourishing properties and firmings. No deceit, the visitors have a view on the laboratory and the manufacturing of the soap is made under our eyes. The visit ends by the projection of a movie which redraws the cycle of the birth of the ass's foal until the manufacturing of the soap.

The bit extra, but not the slightest: tables of picnic are at the disposal of the visitors and a point of catering with ices creams and cool drinks. Furthermore, with the label of welcome France Passion, our friends campsites - forklift truck operators are welcome!
You will have understood him, it is a site 3 in 1: asinerie, soap factory and accommodation, which has enough to satisfy all the family! 


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