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A day dream for Valentine's Day

Experience Alexandra - Responsable Communication By Alexandra - Responsable Communication, the 10 February 2016

This year falls on a Sunday this ... So why not have a nice day? Fingers crossed for the weather! If like me, you will take you to the last moment, I offer some suggestions ...
Why not start with a taste tour the Halles de Niort? Go around all the stalls to prepare a nice meal. You'll be spoiled for choice!
Such a day ... Direction Green Venice for a boat ride. This is a must! Some boatmen are open all year. To you the quietude of conches to express your love.
Others may prefer a walk or bike. My preference for this occasion will be the ride of Surimeau in Niort. Count 2h30 on foot or by bike 1h. The most romantic place is definitely the path of Fishermen and a little further the path of the Bride!
It is not forbidden either to think of a small gift. Obviously, this requires to have planned! Make a trip to the 36 Quai des Arts. You'll find a unique gift for your Dulciné (e).
And to end this beautiful day, a little romantic dinner at the restaurant. Many are open with special menus. And if you do not want to cook, but dinner at home with friends, you can call the caterers that will satisfy your hearts and taste buds!

Beautiful Valentine's Day!


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