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5 km on foot, it customs, it customs shoes!

Family Jennifer - conseillère en séjours By Jennifer - conseillère en séjours, the 01 June 2018

Novice regarding hike, I decide, in this sunny Sunday, to go off to explore the village of Vanneau by borrowing a circuit of hike of entitled 5 km "The Swamp, the tamed earth".

This circuit is a part of a loop of 16 km. In your leisure to do as me the 5 km portion for the beginners or non-introduced to the hike or to leave on the 16 km circuit for the been used.

Thus I start of the parking lot of the place of the church as indicated on my gone hiking index card.

This small red index card will allow you to follow the plan of your route and will serve you as guide of visit. She is downloadable free of charge online on the site of Hike in Deux-Sèvres at the following address: On sale also in our welcome of Niort, Coulon and Arçais in the price list of 0.50 cts.

I make a commitment then behind the church and I discover the first borders of yellow marking indicating the departure of the circuit. The people following the circuit of Bike Francette in the direction of La Rochelle or in the direction of Niort will find the beacon V43 there. Having followed the nursery school and took a side street to the right, I discover a magnificent view on the port.

The Big Port of Vanneau was intended for the farmers of the high village as the plain surrounding. Each could reach the swamp to exploit its plots of land and communicate with the valley of Sèvre Niortaise. From where the scale of this port which was hardly enough. That is why it was forbidden to store the harvests more than 24 hours on the quay not to hamper continual comings and goings of boats and carts loaded with hay, wood, grass and cattle. The period of haymaking time established a moment of big excitement on the port of Vanneau. Stepping over the rope to Foubert, the metallic footbridge gives access to the black earth of the easily flooded gardens.

I take advantage of this restful and busy place of the vacationers, who stroll by bicycle or on foot, to put my backpack, to calm me one moment in the fresh grass and to share a light picnic with friends in the shade of ash trees-tadpoles and poplars.

After the lunch, I resume my route by borrowing the street of the Weasel. Street typically maraichine where houses are connected on one side with the ways of water and on the other side with the dry land. Farms follow one another according to a fragmented one "in strips" characteristic of the housing environment maraichin. The facade of houses opens on the street. In the back, farm buildings develop their big open volumes almost up to the channel where every exploitation has a hold: the harvests of the swamp arrived in boat to pile up in haylofts (barns).

At the end of this main street, I cross the bridge of entrance to the swamp. I continue any right on the white way and I go along the channel of Chail under a tiring heat. I discover some species local as the populage of swamps (perennial with big heart-shaped sheets with attractive yellow flowers) and the flowery rush (long-lived grass which can reach one meter high).

By crossing the said wooden footbridge to Ségolène and by continuing on the first way to the left, pastures, ash groves and poplar groves follow one another announcing the closeness of the sawmill which we cross literally. The factory created in 1919 detailed poplars. Pre-war year, she makes her first plywoods but it is in the seventies that she takes an industrial size.

By continuing on the hiking trail, I join the village in the shade of trees by following squares kitchen garden, the black earth of which testifies of the wealth of the ground in particular favorable to the culture of the traditional white bean.

This hike is completed to begin the walking in family. She is easily accessible and you can end your afternoon with a small stroll in boat in the landing stage "The Paradise", in sainte-Sabine's port, the direction Arçais.

My day ends at Marinette's, owner of the bar and tobacco shop "Le Vanneau", where a small refreshment is welcome. Marinette Rondonnet, who took the succession of his parents-in-law, holds, since 1958, a pleasant refreshment room which makes at the same time bar and tobacco shop, meeting place, HQ of the chitchats of the village. Tables and wooden counter, walls covered with wallpaper, stove in cast iron, the red cigar which indicates the facade in the village are of time. Character of an extreme kindness, she will know how to welcome you and to speak to you of her village to which she is strongly attached.

I hope to have given you the desire to put on your sneakers to go off to explore our white ways and our bucolic landscapes.



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