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Melle et son Pays

79500 Melle
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21 November 2017
Territoire magnifique avec de très beaux monuments et chemins de randonnée
Explore the Mellois region, rich in six thousand years of history, where the paths of Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle will lead you to a remarkable Romanesque heritage, between wooded landscapes and vast plains. Romanesque art - Melle, the unmissable destination to discover Romanesque art with its three churches including Saint-Hilaire classified World Heritage of Humanity by Unesco. Nature - Melle, the privileged destination with its exceptional plant heritage, to be discovered along the Arboretum of the Chemin de la Découverte composed of more than 1800 species of trees. Contemporary Art - Miss, the destination recognized for its artistic abundance including the International Biennale of Contemporary Art. Miss, the destination of excellence for the organization of your event. There's something to see in Melle? The Silver Mines of the Kings Francs, the Romanesque triad (churches Saint-Savinien, Saint-Pierre and Saint-Hilaire), the noble hotel of Menoc (XVth and XIXth century), the houses with half-timbered, the old rood screen of the convent of the Daughters of Our Lady of Saint-Sauveur de Puyberland (17th century), the Baltard style halls (early 20th century), the clock tower (18th century), the Art Deco style music kiosk , the bridge to roses (2002), the Discovery Trail and its departmental forest arboretum ...
  • Patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO
  • Monument historique
  • Melle et son Pays 1 - Melle L'église Saint-Hilaire de Melle - © Jacques Mossot, 2006
  • Melle et son Pays 2 - Melle Les deniers émis à Melle - © Les Mines d'Argent des Rois Francs à Melle
  • Melle et son Pays 1 - Melle
  • Melle et son Pays 2 - Melle
Melle et son Pays Melle
1 Opinions
"Le pays mellois c'est trop beau" Effelia Period of stay : November 2017
Territoire magnifique avec de très beaux monuments et chemins de randonnée
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